Hello Friends.

24 hours into my ex-senate campaign, the passage of a bit of time has allowed for reflection and many kind contacts from supporters. There is never a guarantee of winning when one sets out on a difficult quest, whether it is leaving the Old Country for the New World, starting a new business, or running for public office.

I repeatedly anticipated the prospects of either winning or losing, and became comfortable with either, since the outcome would be more in God's hands than mine. Feeling compelled to run in anticipation of helping our country though a challenging time, I enjoyed every one of my over 650 stops, and the thousands of people who I encountered.

From farmers in Morgan, Somali in St. Cloud, Vietnamese in St. Paul, insurance agency staff in Duluth, and a patchwork quilt of many other Old and New Americans, I discovered afresh what a magnet America has been for so many. Including my own ancestors, most recently the Irish clan of Daly, who came here a century ago, tired of eating potatoes and hoping for a better life. They found it, and I am proof that opportunities abound for all.

We have a great state, and an amazing country. It is, however, at risk because good people cannot seem to agree, or even listen.

I hoped to be part of the solution. The personal growth I sustained over the past 14 months and my 60 years of learning gave me confidence that I was worthy of asking you all for the opportunity to lead Minnesota in the capacity of US Senator. Thanks to the over twenty-six thousand who supported me.

However, last night a majority of those who took the time to vote disagreed, and instead gave the nod to an eminently fine man. Let us all pray that he, in the same manner as I have experienced, will grow even more in his knowledge, understanding, and skill to be the man Minnesota needs to govern. May he be strong and stand up to the powerful influences that abound in Washington, and fearlessly serve the great people who make up our amazing state.

As for me, I am much the richer for those 14 months. Not in terms of cash, as I have lost incalculable hours from my personal business matters. But rich in terms of meeting hundreds of memorable people and learning about how they face their challenges. How they live their lives, how they handle the rigor each day brings. What gives them hope, and what they dream.

It has been an amazing adventure.

Please consider praying that I am guided in my next steps, as I have sensed over these past 14 months. And to those whom I have met on the road over those months, don't be a stranger. I am still interested in you and still want to make a difference, like I promised you.

It is time for a new adventure. Maybe you will be joining me.